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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Vibrant Living: Clean Living & Lifestyle Tips from OrangElephant

Layla McGlone is very inspiring. She lost over 100 pounds gradually through diet and exercise. She believes food is truly medicine too. She owns a company called Orange Elephant where she empowers others to make powerful changes in their lives too. Layla lives in Bend, Oregon with her husband Matt and almost 2 year old daughter, Hazel. Here's a little bit about her Vibrant Living Guide!

Does life have you feeling bogged down?  Do you have an overloaded schedule without the physical energy to complete all the challenges that lie ahead?  Perhaps you just want to shed a few pounds or take your health to the next level.  What if I told you there was a way to restore your energy and start feeling stronger in your own skin? Summer is here and it’s time to prime your body for optimal energy!
When it comes to health and wellness, I’m not about quick fixes or extreme diets, but I do believe whole foods and an active lifestyle can heal your body.  We are what we eat, and if we fuel our bodies with nutrient dense foods they run with excellence.  But the opposite is also true, if we load our bodies with highly acidic, sugary and processed foods they start to sputter and lose steam.  
When you’re finally tired of being sick and tired, it’s time to make a decision and change your behavior.  I reached that point several years ago now, and I’m now living not only 100 pounds lighter, but I have greater energy, focus and vitality in every area of my life.   I love introducing people to truly healthy living, not a diet plan or a pill, but a truly healthy and sustainable lifestyle.  And don’t worry; I don’t encourage you to eat grass or other earthy tasting treats.  I love food and I believe it can nourish us and still be enjoyable!  
I’ve created The Vibrant Living Guide, a simple alkaline based eating plan that will help curb your cravings, increase your energy levels and enable you to make healthier lifestyle decisions.  You can follow the eating plan for a few days or a week as a cleanse to rid your body of built up toxins, reset your metabolism and rest and restore your digestive system.  Or you can follow others who have chosen this clean eating plan as the foundation for a sustainable healthy lifestyle.
The only equipment you will need is a juicer or blender, everything else you can find in your home or at your local grocer’s.  The Vibrant Living Guide costs $49 and you will receive:
  • A 7-Day Meal Plan
  • Shopping List
  • Prep-Day Plan
  • Self-Care Tips
  • YouTube Video Tips & Motivation
  • On-line Facebook Group with Support & Daily Tips
It is a pleasure and privilege to walk alongside women as they overcome soda addiction, sugar cravings, carb feasts, migraines, insomnia, night sweats and so much more!  Food truly is our best medicine.  
We are all at different points on our health journey, but together we can encourage, inspire and equip one another.  I know I’m inspired by all that Shannon does through Working Mom Goes Green to help us find the best healthy resources for ourselves and our families. The Vibrant Living Guide may or may not be for you, but here are a few lifestyle tips that will help decrease toxins in your body and naturally increase your daily energy.
Daily Detox to Promote Energy & Rest:
  • Drink hot water with lemon juice upon waking each day, this is an effective and gentle way to wake up your body.
  • Practice deep breathing for 5 minutes on your lunch break
    • Inhale through your nose for 7 counts; hold for 4 counts; exhale for 8 counts
    • You should feel like you are pushing out every ounce of air on your exhale.
    • Repeat this 7 – 10 times.
    • You will feel relaxed, distressed and refocused. (you can add breathing before bed too if you like!)
  • Walk for 20 minutes per day.  You can walk around your home, your office, on a nature trail or your local mall, just move and enjoy! (Recruit a friend to join you and you are more likely to make this habit stick!)  Even if you may already enjoy a more rigorous workout, walking is a restorative and refreshing activity.
  • Stop eating after 7pm.  To signify to yourself that you are done eating enjoy a cup of herbal tea.
  • Unplug an hour before bed.  This means no TV, internet, smart phone, etc. and just be present and allow yourself to decompress from your day.
  • End your day using a gratitude journal, listing 3 things you’re thankful for.  It will help you end your day on a positive note and launch you with an optimistic outlook into tomorrow.
Here’s what a few of the women who have followed the Vibrant Living Guide have had to share:
“I feel amazing! No cravings, headaches gone, body aches gone, insomnia gone, digestive system restored, boundless energy, clear thinking and no fogginess, joint pain gone, and at my last weigh I had lost a total of 7 inches off my waist and hips and 22.5 pounds and I’m certainly well on my way to a new lifestyle. Thanks again, Layla, for giving us this opportunity and for cheering us on!” Vicki, Newberg, OR
“I started a week ago and did the three day detox and lost 8 pounds. Better than that your group has inspired me to not go in as a few days of good but making this how I live. I am feeling great and am really grateful. Thank you Layla!” Matilda, Salt Lake City, Utah
“Now that I have more energy, I have more time to do the things that are important to me. I have to say, this has been a very enjoyable detox for me. Having it all planned and choices had made it simple to follow.” Tina, Bend, OR
I want to invite you to experience life in a new way, just like these awesome ladies have.  Your health, like mine can be fully restored.  If you would like to learn more about health coaching with me, simply fill out the questionnaire and receive a FREE coaching session.  
Here’s to your health!
Holistic Health Coach: Restoring optimal energy through nutrition and lifestyle changes, empowering you to live life on your terms and to your full potential!

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