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Friday, August 9, 2013

Top 5 Friday Green links: 8/9 Edition

Here's some awesome eco-friendly, green links that I found this week that I've been wanting to share!

10 things that don't belong at a backyard BBQ via Mind the Store: You'll be surprised to find what doesn't belong at a backyard BBQ.

20 uses for coconut oil via Good Girl Gone GreenSeeing as coconut oil is so affordable, readily available and completely natural, here are some great uses for this very green item.

8 tips for buying organic for less via The StirYou want to start a debate, ask any group of moms how important organic food is, really. You can bet one mom will act as if you're feeding your baby poison if you let him have a cupcake at a birthday party without checking if everything down to the paper wrapper is organic, and another who happily shoves store-brand chicken nuggets into their child's mouth and thinks this organic thing is just pure hype.

Capturing kids via mobile photography via Simple Mom: It’s true, mobile photography has taken the world by storm. Not only are the cameras within these phones getting better, the apps in which to process our images are remarkable. With a simple tap of our finger we have the opportunity to capture the big and little moments in our days.

11 things I wish every parent knew:  After 25 years practicing pediatrics, and caring for thousands of children, Stephen Cowan, MD noticed some patterns that offered him a deeper vision of health. Here are some of those invaluable lesson.

What's your favorite green link from the week? I'd love to hear!

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