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Thursday, August 15, 2013

We ditched the CSA

For three summers, we participated in a CSA (community supported agriculture share). It felt good to support local farmers and farms but halfway through the summer, we started throwing away half of it or  it would go bad before we got a chance to eat it. It seems all we were really doing was feeding our worms in the composter.

Last summer, we didn't sign up for a CSA and instead opted to join one we could choose each week to participate in each week. Same thing would happen ... worm food.

Don't get me wrong, a CSA is a great idea. It just wasn't for us. We were spending $22 a week at one point. Then my husband and I started visiting the local Farmer's Market and local produce stand once a week which both support local farms and growers. It felt great to still be supporting local -- just all in once place and we could choose what we wanted and nothing went to waste.

If you need a great guide to buying seasonal produce use this one provided by Real Simple.

Did a CSA work or not work for you? I'd love to hear. 


  1. I had the same problem with the CSA. The first year they delivered but it was overnight on Wednesday's so it didn't fit with my weekly meal planning on Sunday habit. The second year it was a Saturday pickup but the produce was kind of out there and i couldn't get the hubs to try a lot of it.

  2. We always liked doing ours when we could alternate weeks with another family. That way, we could get produce on Thursday and I could plan my menu for the next week.

    I have never been good about getting to the farmers market, as they are usually during the day (I'm working) or on the weekend when we're out and about with family. This year, we decided to go with a service that delivers organic produce - they focus local, but not completely. It works for us because:
    - I can choose week to week if I want a delivery or not
    - They deliver to my doorstep
    - The box is fruit AND veggies, which means less veggies to work through between deliveries, and we never have a problem consuming fruit in my house.

    I would like to go back to a CSA at some point, but this is what works for this working mama right now!

    1. To have it delivered to my doorstep was $35 total even if I did it every other week. I found just stopping at the produce stand before going to Fred Meyer/Safeway was easier for me. It took an extra 10 mins. In Bend, there are now 4 days a week we have farmer's markets so it makes it easy but I completely understand the working mom thing which is why my house is always a mess!

  3. My family joined a CSA for 2 years in a row, but had the same experience as you. Our issue with it was that we would get SOOO much at peak harvest - which is great if you can/will preserve some to enjoy in the winter. But as a working mom, I just never made time to do it so we ended up throwing lots of our produce in the compost bin. This year, we've been trying to hit the farmer's markets instead but it has been challenging as there aren't any open at a time that fits with my grocery shopping schedule. I think it is just something we will get used to though and our routine will adjust to make going to the farmer's markets fit in.



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