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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Green failure: I'm no urban gardener

It's not very often I talk about the failures my family makes when trying to do what's best for Mother Nature. This journey has not been perfect and has been trial and error. But my latest failure just wants to make me give up completely.

We tried to plant a garden this year. We tried doing vertical gardens a few years ago but where we planted the garden was too sunny and hot.

I really had this grand plan of enjoying my herbs, carrots and salad mix this summer but this was one of the only fruits of our labor:

Yeap, one purple carrot. Where did we go wrong? 

We thought we made it easy on ourselves and bought $70 worth of seed tape!

And since we don't really have a yard, my husband devised this:

My husband was so excited about his container garden too! He developed a water drip system and made sure to follow the instructions on the seed tape so it was all planted properly. Really all I did was order the seed tape. 

And then we waited. And waited. And waited. Nothing was coming up. 30 days later, we were shaking our head. Then about 6 weeks in, we had some sprouts but not nearly what we thought ... maybe about 10 little sprouts. 

What we did wrong? We planted everything around Memorial Day and that was too early. The Central Oregon growing season is short and many folks buy starters and plant them in June or are lucky enough to have green houses and avoid frost all together. 

I've never had a green thumb and this is so discouraging. If you live in Central Oregon and have a successful garden, I want to know how have you dealt with the short growing season. I don't want to be discourage anymore. Maybe next summer we'll figure this all out!


  1. I'm the wrong person to ask, but if all else fails, my nephew gave up gardening outdoors and worked a hydroponic vegetable farm in his basement! Good luck getting answers.

  2. This year, I learned it's all about the soil. I read that if you spend $100 on your garden, $90 should be for soil and $10 for seeds/plants. In C.O. you almost HAVE to grow from starts, not seed. But, if you used the same containers as last year without replacing 1/3 of the soils with compost, then you were growing in "used" soil. I learned that the hard way with a few of my tomato plants this year.



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