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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Green plans and goals: Reusable produce bags

It's been entirely too long since we worked on our green plan and goals in our house. We've been doing "stuff" but I haven't been documenting it all that well so I've been keeping a list of things we've done and how we did it.

Like most green folks, I hate plastic grocery bags. This was one of the first goals I starting with three years ago when I started this blog. Even though we cut down drastically on our plastic grocery bag use by bringing our own bags (we use Envirosax because my awesome mother-in-law gave them to us for Christmas AND they fit nicely in my purse), we still were bringing home produce bags.

As we slowly moved our grocery shopping to the perimeter of the store, our produce consumption grew along with our plastic produce bags stash. A few weeks ago, I had enough and while ordering some other products online, I ordered large 10 pack of BRING IT! washable produce bags from Amazon (affiliate link).

Along with my grocery bags, I stash these in my purse with my grocery list. One of my goals while shopping now is to NOT bring home any produce bags. These bags are easy to use with a drawstring and can be washed in the laundry.

By the way, I'm a new cashier's nightmare with all my fruit and vegetables. I always make sure a veteran is ringing my groceries up because all my produce can slow down a new checker.

What green goals have you recently established? I'd love to hear!

I bought BRING IT! with my own hard earned cash and the opinions are my own BUT the link above is an affiliate link meaning if you buy from my site, I will make money. Thanks!


  1. I re-use the plastic produce bags from the store. All they ever held were fruits/vegetables, so I give them a quick rinse, shake, and hang up over my sink to dry. (My hanging method is a series of binder clips attached to the bottom tier of a 3-tier copper basket thing hung in the window over the sink.) After about 12 hours, they are dry and ready to go into the car for the next shopping trip. I squeeze the air out and tie them in a slip-knot for a compact size and easy-access, and carry them in my reusable shopping bag when I go to the store.

    In terms of new green goals, in Jan 2012 my new year's resolution was to only use 1 paper towel from the dispenser in the women's bathroom at work. (I was previously using 2.) I am happy to say I have broken the 2-towel habit and now use only 1 every time!



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