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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fall is for making new traditions

My son has always loved Halloween but now he's also growing a fond appreciation for fall.

Each year, we read Fall Leaves Fall by Zoe Hall (affiliate link) and talk about the leaves changing, making leaf art, drinking warm mugs of cider and eating leaf cookies. This year, my son wanted to take it a step further -- he wanted to collect leaves, make art and leaf cookies. 

Really, the only fall tradition we have is going to the pumpkin patch so I jumped on this chance to start some new traditions especially since he's school age.

While at the craft store, we picked up some Wilton's Leaf Cookie Cutters (affiliate link). My son loves the craft store and would be completely content spending all of my hard earned money there as well.

As the weeks of September went by, every time we were in the car, we talked about how the leaves were still green. Last week, we spotted some orange and yellow leaves in our Old Mill District in Bend and Ben said "It's time, Mom. It's time to collect the leaves for art."

Then the rain came! And the cold. And the Cascade Mountains near by were getting snow. Yesterday, we decided the rain wouldn't make us melt so he and I headed out for a hike.

With hot chocolate in hand we walked about the park and Deschutes River gathering leaves and to play on the playground equipment.

While I mixed the dough for cookies, Ben got out his glue, paper and pens and went to work on his fall masterpiece!

I decided to do graham cracker cut out cookies. I won't share the recipe because it was a complete dud. The dough wouldn't come together. It tasted like cardboard when baked BUT we got a few cookies out of the deal. We ended up frosting them with Nuetlla and adding some sprinkles. They still tasted gross. Next time, I'll jut make sugar cookies.

And now for the masterpiece ... Ben's Fall Leaf Art 2013

What are your favorite fall traditions? 

This post contains affiliate links meaning if you buy from my site, I will make money.  The book was a gift to my son years ago and I bought the cookie cutters with my hard earned cash. The opinions are my own. 

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