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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Halloween Costume: No Sew Shark

As you may be aware, my son loves anything that has to do with the ocean. Last year, he was an octopus, which was a really fun costume to make!

Months ago, we began plotting this year's costume. Ben has been really into sharks since Shark Week so I found a few options for him to choose from. With our Michael's 40% coupon in hand, we went and picked up the felt and no sew fabric glue (affiliate link). We spent the afternoon cutting and tracing and the kid could hardly wait until it dried.

Here is what you'll need:
Grey hooded sweatshirt (with or without zipper will work)
2 sheets white felt
1 sheet black felt
1 sheet grey felt
fabric glue

Take one sheet of white felt  and trace the belly of the shark. I made a template because I'm not good at freehand drawing.

If the hoodie has a zipper, you'll want to make a cut like the one I made below and then glued it onto the grey sweatshirt as pictured.

Next, trace the eyes. You'll need 2 white circles and 2 small black circles. The white circles should be bigger than the black circles. Glue these onto the hood as pictured.

Next, cut out out 12 triangles out of white felt and glue onto the inside of the hood for the teeth as pictured below. At first, I traced these but you could see the sharpie marks so I did freehand triangles instead.

Next, make the shark fin with the grey felt. I made a template and traced it onto the grey felt but I forgot to take a photo of that. Glue it on the back as pictured below. (I did this as my second step but I would NOT advise it. Wait until the end because it kept falling off as I tried to get the teeth and eyes on).

Your shark is complete! Just let it dry overnight and your little shark will be ready to wear it the next day!

He loves it, can't you tell?

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