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Saturday, November 9, 2013

EmmyLu's name

Many of us fantasize about what we're going to name our children for years. I had gone back and forth for with names like Ethan or Gavin if I had a boy, but I really didn't have a girl name.

Since there was an Ethan in our family already, my husband picked Ben's name after we found out we were having a boy.  At our ultrasound for EmmyLu, I was convinced she was a boy because I really didn't think I would be lucky enough to have a girl and a boy. I laid there in disbelief with no name.

With Ben, he was Ben was 18 weeks on. With EmmyLu, she was just baby until 33 weeks because my husband and I couldn't agree on names. I liked Riley but my husband thought that was too boyish. Then I asked him if we could name her after my mom; Mary Lucille (MaryLu). How could he say no to that? Instead of calling her Mary, we'd call her Lucy.

At 34 weeks, I went on bed rest because my blood pressure was high and I worked from home on my couch. So blasting Minnesota Public Radio's The Current, I worked 4 hours a day trying to prep my team for 12 weeks maternity leave (which was my eventful departure 12 weeks after that).

A song called "Emmylou" by the Swedish Indie Rock Band First Aid Kit was playing a couple times a day. It talks about singer Emmylou Harris (whom she met when she was 4 months old) and other singers, and since I'm a sucker for steel guitar and folk songs, I feel in love with this song. Even though naming my daughter after her grandmother would have been a nice tribute (my mother was actually named after her maternal grandmother), Emmy Lucille just seemed to stick in my mind.

I did, however, wait until she was born to decide officially on this name. She was born via c-section right before midnight and with us both having complications, it was 3 a.m. until I really got to  hold her.

Even though she looked very much like me when she was born, and I look very similar to my mom, EmmyLu just seem to fit her better.

With Ben, everyone knew what his name would be. With EmmyLu, it was a nice surprise to wait and tell everyone our perfect name after her arrival.

I know she'll be faced with not finding pencils or things with her name on them but I wouldn't have it any other way and 20 months later, EmmyLu fits her happy, smiling, shy personality.
EmmyLu stayed up past her bedtime to meet EmmyLou Harris

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