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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Guest post: 5 Ways Music Makes Smart Kids

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It's not a secret, my husband and I LOVE music. When writer Jessica Socheski approached me about a guest post, I didn't have to think twice. Jessica Socheski is a freelance writer who loves learning about child development. you can connect with her on Twitter.
Learning to play a musical instrument can open up a world of possibilities to a young child. Whether your child takes private lessons for a few years or is fortunate enough to eventually play with an orchestra and continue enjoying music as an adult, there are many reasons that music creates an enriching life experience.

1. Music Helps Language
Mastering an instrument can play a role in language development. An understanding of music helps the brain break down language and better comprehend. So it may be true to say that music students have an advantage when it comes to learning a second language.

2. Confident, Well-Adjusted Students
Music can help students to become better adjusted than their piers. A study by researchers at Columbia University discovered that socially students who studied the arts tended to cooperate better with teachers and peers. They also demonstrated more self-confidence and could express themselves and their ideas with more ease. And students who pursued music were less likely to use substances such as tobacco, alcohol and drugs.

3. Exercising the Brain
Physical exercise builds stamina and strength in young bodies. Similarly, music trains the human brain in “auditory fitness and allows it to decipher between tone and pitch,” says Music exercises the brain and helps it to grow new pathways better connecting the two hemispheres.

4. Higher Test Scores and More
Research has also uncovered a connection between music and academic success. In a study of schools, those who had music programs had a much higher graduation and attendance rate than those without. And regardless of socioeconomic status or district, students who participated in quality music programs scored roughly twenty percent higher on English and math standardized tests.

5. Creativity and Discipline
Music is also a huge factor when it comes to building patience and discipline. Taking the initiative to practice for several hours a week is a big step in becoming more independent and responsible. Music provides a great blend of creativity, expression and self-discipline.

All the amazing benefits music can offer your child might have you trying to find guitar lessons or a piano teacher in your local area. There are some tried and true ways to go about locating the best music teacher for your little one. These include:
• Asking for references from friends
• Looking for a music major at your local college
• Searching directories through the National Association of Music Education

These resources should help you connect with a fantastic teacher whose personality meshes well with your child.

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