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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I met Allie Brosh

2012 was not the best year for me in the history of my whole 38 years of life (so far). Yes, I birthed a child who brings me the most awesome joy in the world but I pretty much spent that year wondering "what am I meant to do with my life?"

I've been an avid reader of Allie Brosh's blog Hyperbole and a Half since the inception and was one of those things that I also wished I thought of making silly drawings of my family. I could totally see myself writing a post about my son's obsessions with fish or my daughter's "NO!" phase.

photo courtesy of Hyperbole and a Half
Last spring, she posted Depression part 2 which chronicled her coming out of a crippling depression. The end had this epic graphic that totally resonated with me (which I shamelessly stole and put up to the left) -- "Maybe everything isn't hopeless bullshit." 

I wish I had seen that graphic a year earlier. And part of me wishes I could just post it up somewhere that will remind me later to laugh at those so serious moments. 

Allie lives in Bend, and I got a booked signed by her last week at her local book signing. It's hilarious, but I can't keep my kids from looking at the drawings of dogs and dead fish. Good thing they can't read. 



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