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Friday, November 1, 2013

National Blog Posting Month & Halloween Pic

I know, it's been two weeks since my last post. Yes, life is getting in the way and finding that time to blog has been hard but it's National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) and I'm bound and determine to make blogging a habit. I have some cool reviews coming up along with some other green factoids and stuff we're working on BUT can I really fill 30 days of only green? I probably could BUT I'm going to sprinkle in some other things.

A few years back, I wrote something about my mom for 30 days. And then WordPress ate my blog meaning, it's all gone now SO I'm going to tell some stories about my mom and grandma throughout the month in hopes that my children will read this in the future. My mom died of pancreatic cancer in 1996. My grandmother died in 2010 after she slipped down the stairs in her home. Both are inspirations to me and telling these stories will be emotional but a great tribute to both.

Onto Halloween: The shark and the mermaid were a big hit. I didn't have time to do a tutorial on the mermaid costume which is a bummer. The kids hit the neighborhood with dad, ate their share of candy and then crashed. Surprisingly this morning, no one asked for candy. We'll see how long that last.

We were "that family" that gave out Stretch Island Fruit Leather. My friends teased that my house would get eggs and that I should just shut the lights off and save myself from the humiliation of getting TP'd. So far, no eggs or TP but it's still too early to tell. It was nice that my green friends said some nice things too.

Are you writing in NaBloPoMo? How do you get re-energized to blog each day?

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