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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Running away: a fitness update

I ran my 4th 5k this year. I've been planning to run the Sister's Happy Girls Run for a few months. I knew a lot of folks who were doing the half marathon, but no one doing the 5k, but that didn't stop me. It was very rainy on Saturday, but I headed out to Sisters, OR and ran my best time for a race -- 30:30! I probably would have been faster if I would not have stopped to take the rainbow photo above.

I finished the race wet and cold and after a celebratory Greyhound, I headed home. I've decided to sideline the weight loss and head into maintenance mode until January 1. I'm still eating healthy and exercising, but I know with the holidays coming up that I need to take it easy on myself. I have also hit a plateau and with the weather changing, I'm finding it challenging to get out for a run. My goal from now until the end of the year is crossfit three days a week and running twice a week.

Also, I want my goals for 2014 to include a 10k and half marathon! I believe that's a goal I can achieve! Don't you?

30:30 PR on a 5K 


  1. Those are awesome goals!! You can definitely do a 10k and a half!!! :)


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