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Green your coffee routine

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About Me

My name is Shannon Hinderberger. I'm a wife to Brian and mother to Benjamin (5) and EmmyLu (1).  We live in beautiful Bend, Oregon.

I grew up in Omaha, Nebraska (not surrounded by corn fields, I might add) on corn-fed beef, kool-aid and Velvetta cheese. Just like me, my mom was a working mother so there were times when she needed help from a box of this or that. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Communications from the University of Nebraska. Ironically, I only used that degree to for 9 months and went into marketing and public relations instead. You can read more about my professional background on LinkedIn.

When I became a pregnant with my son in 2007, I started to take note what was in my food and began to make better choices and then along came baby. I had all these aspirations of doing the right thing for my child but not enough time on my hands since I work full-time.

So with the help of my husband and knowledge from friends, old and new, we're going to slowly and gradually start making changes to a more healthy, eco-friendly, natural lifestyle. There will be some stumbles along the way so please laugh with me, not at me.

During the day, I'm the marketing manager of a resort in Bend, Oregon. In my free time I like to run, hike, crossfit, cook, bake and drink good wine and craft beers.

I can be reached by email at shannon at workingmomgoesgreen dot com or you can follow me on twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn. 


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